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Construction Loans

Interested in building your dream home? If so, you will need to start with a Construction Loan. While you are planning the details of your house plans, let one of our experienced lenders at CBC Bank take care of the rest.

Offering construction-to-permanent, all under one roof.

If you’ve spent a long time thinking about a dream home, it can be very exciting when the prospect of actually building it becomes a reality. Whether you want a large home in the South Georgia countryside or a smaller house closer to town, building your dream home can be very fulfilling.

The first and hardest step to take? Is through our front doors. Once you talk with a lender, they will walk you through the entire process step-by-step so that when you leave, you will feel confident with the entire process. They will discuss everything you need to know such as the bank and secondary market’s criteria to determine how much you can afford, how to cater to your needs and fit your financial situation, what all the loan covers, what credit score is needed, what happens to the construction loan once the home is built, along with anything else you may need to know about the process. 



Frequently asked questions

What does a construction loan cover?

A construction loan can cover both the land and the construction for the home itself together. Someone may own their own land and want to build on it, and that's fine! But if not, new land and a the construction for the loan are both included in a construction loan and ultimately the permanent loan.

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How do I get started with building my home?

The first step in getting started with building a home is to either call or visit a branch and speak with a lender. They will be able to guide you through what suits you best as far as how much you can afford and then try to merge that with what you want. This way, a happy medium can be found to suit all your needs.

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Why is it important to have both construction loans and mortgage loans under one roof?

There are multiple benefits to having this under one roof, one of those being the advice that is available in one location from both construction side and permanent side of the construction loan process. In addition, there are also cost savings associated with having both under one roof. There would not only be savings on the origination fee, but we could use the same appraisal under most circumstances, which could add up to almost $3,000 in savings on a $225,000 mortgage.

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Home at last

Finishing up your construction project and interested in a mortgage? Our Mortgage Team specializes in helping South Georgia families get the best rates possible for their forever home.