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Why Choose A True Community Bank: Meet Jennifer McCranie

As your community bank for over 90 years, our lenders are your neighbors and your friends. We'd like you to meet Jennifer McCranie of our branch in Hahira! Whether it's personal, business, home lending, or other banking needs, she can find the solution that's best for you. Listen in to get to know Jennifer and our Hahira branch!


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Haley Barnes: Hi everyone. My name is Haley Barnes. I am the Marketing Coordinator here at CBC Bank. Today I'm with Jennifer McCranie. She is our Hahira Branch Manager and we just wanted to talk a little bit today about some of the services, that Hahira offers, and go into some detail about that. And so, first off, Jennifer let's start by telling everybody a little bit about yourself. What is your background? And what made you get started in banking?

Jennifer McCranie: Sure. Well I had 13 years background in the military. Living the military life for awhile, brought us down here to Valdosta. Live here in Hahira with my husband and four boys. We live out on the outskirts of Hahira. So it's really nice and I love it here. You know, I came from a small town back in Social Circle, Georgia, some people have heard of it some haven't, and this just kind of feels like home, but I learned a long time ago that home is where the Air Force sends you. So, I've made this my home now and I just loved the area. Far as getting into banking, I knew in second grade that I wanted to be a banker. Basically went to a shadowing day with a real good friend of ours and I was a teller for the day and I loved dealing with the money, I loved dealing with the people. I just felt so good. And I told her that day, I'm going to be in banking when I grow up, and here I am.

Haley Barnes: What are you most passionate about?

Jennifer McCranie: Honestly, I am most passionate about helping people and my customers. I know that you can't have a business without your customers and the people that you help every day. I love seeing all the different people getting to know them and becoming a part of their lives during the process of all the different things that I do here at the bank. And it's just a part of me that likes to know them and know what their financial needs are so that I can help them out because in the end that's what it's all about. It's just making sure that the people are taken care of.

Who does CBC Bank Hahira serve?

Haley Barnes: What all do you do as a banker at our Hahira Branch?

Jennifer McCranie: So I do wear a lot of hats here in Hahira, but I'm actually your one-stop shop. So I can actually open an account, I can have you buy your land, I can take your plans and cost estimates for your construction, help you go through that process. And then at the end of the construction, I can move you to the permanent side, get your 30 year lock in rate all without having to go see anyone else.

Haley Barnes: What other areas around Hahira do you serve?

Jennifer McCranie: So I take care of areas all around. Adel is one of the big areas that I take care of, Nashville, Ray City. Moody, that is one of my big ones that I take care of as well. We have a branch in Tifton and Moultrie, but when it comes to mortgages, myself and Nikki Rogers go out and we help the Tifton and Moultrie customers, but anywhere around these areas, Lowndes County, the surrounding counties, we service them all.

How can you help with home loans?

Haley Barnes: You mentioned that you guys do construction to permanent loans and that you're able to do everything there at the Hahira branch, and it'd be your one-stop shop. What's the benefit of that?

Jennifer McCranie: So being able to do both of them in one place is the advantage. There's quite a few of them actually. One, again, you start with one person and then you finish with one person. You come to me, I take care of everything from the beginning and then when we get ready to move you to the refinancing side, I basically gather other information from you, already know your situation, and then we move you to the secondary market. Now that saves you money, doing it here with us, at the same place, because we can use some of the documents and some of the paperwork that we need from the construction for the secondary mortgage side, and that saves you money in the long run, such as an appraisal fee and your origination fee, things like that. So again, you get to deal with one person the whole time, and then you also get to save some money.

Haley Barnes: What advice would you give to first time home buyers coming to your area? Or even those looking to upgrade their home or move into one of those neighborhoods?

Jennifer McCranie: My advice would be to, A, do your research, make sure you kinda know the steps to it so that you're not led in the wrong direction. And then my second piece of advice would be, to be happy with where you're looking at. Don't necessarily settle for something you think you might like. The market's hot right now, and there are a lot of houses available. And if you don't find one one day, there's a good chance that the next day the perfect one might come available. So just make sure you know what's going on and that you know what you want so that you can be happy with the purchase that you make because it's potentially your forever home.

Haley Barnes: What's the first step that they could take in your direction to get started?

Jennifer McCranie: So the first step would be basically to give me a call. You always want to get a pre-qualification when you're going to look at houses and I can do those for you. I'm usually within a 24 hour turnaround. Sometimes sooner than that, basically you give me a call. You send me an email, I get a little bit of information from you. I send you a worksheet and then we can get you pre-qualified and that gives you a chance to go out and know what you're qualified for and what you can afford in a home.

What are the benefits of using a community bank?

Haley Barnes: Why would someone choose a local bank? What makes CBC Bank a community bank? I know Hahira has a lot of history.

Jennifer McCranie: It does, actually, this branch of the bank has been around since 1929 and this Hahira Branch is actually the original branch for CBC Bank. We have been servicing the community for more than 90 years, you know, Lowndes County. So we've been here for a long time. We go out and we help the community and being a community bank means that when you call someone on the phone, you're going to get a person, you're gonna be able to speak to that person, you're gonna get a customer service representative or even your lender, to be able to talk to and get the answers you need. And, you know, if your first point of contact isn't someone who has the answer, they know who to go to right away to get you that answer. Again, we help the community. We are part of the community. You're going to see, you know, your lenders and your bankers out at ballgames and at restaurants and just here in town. When you go to do loans, you're going to see that we approve everything in-house. So we don't have to send everything out to underwriters in different states and wait on answers to come back. It's just a lot easier process.

Haley Barnes: Well, thank you so much, Jennifer, for telling us a little bit about the Hahira branch and everything that you guys are doing there in your community.

Jennifer McCranie: Thanks Haley.


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